Monday, September 1, 2008

Exit 15W NJ Turnpike - Kearny Jesus

In 1668, it was known as "New Barbadoes." A few centuries later the town leaders realized "this place looks nothing like Barbadoes" and renamed it after the local Civil War hero, General Philip Kearny. Dubbed, "Soccer Town," Kearny is best known for what is now gone.

Satriale's Meat Shop*-gone.
Scottish Pipers-gone.
Western Electric-gone.
Bunny Land Zoo-gone.
Schuyler Mansion-gone.
West Hudson Hospital-gone.

The orphanages: St. Anthony’s, Sacred Heart and Boystown-gone.
St. Anthony’s is now a Montessori School. Scared Heart is now apartments and houses. Boystown is primarily houses with a church and Catholic service center. Boystown, however, still has its Jesus sculptures along Belgrove Avenue for all to see. There’s the larger-than-life Sacred Heart of Jesus and huge crucifix reminding the locals that he loves them and died for them.

Cultural and economic changes account for the disappearances of many things in this town -except for the orphanages. They can be attributed to one thing: Rowe vs. Wade.

I wonder if Rowe vs. Wade  is overturned, will Christians be prepared rise to their calling to care for the children? Sadly, I’m not so sure.

Matthew 18 :In the same way your Father in heaven is not willing that any of these little ones should be lost.

*Satriale's pork store photo used by permission, ::: Luca Brasi :::


Anonymous said...

Wow. Those statues are still on Belgrove right on the street? I haven't driven by there in years. I'm glad there's still at least a remnant of Kearny's care-for-the-parentless past.

Gigi said...

When we travel to visit friends in N.C. we pass signs for a couple of "children's homes" and I often wonder if that's the PC term for orphanage nowadays. It's so difficult and expensive to adopt in this country...I wonder if that would change if there were no R -v- W.

NewJerseyJesus said...

Low and behold, I found there are many "children homes" in NJ. They're not the old orphanages but do provide much needed assistance to families and children:Welcome to The Children's Home Society of New Jersey

We save children’s lives and build healthy families. Founded in 1894, The Children’s Home Society of New Jersey is a nonprofit organization that helps at-risk infants, children, youth, and families achieve their potential. We protect abused or neglected infants and children, strengthen families, and strive for stable, permanent, and loving homes. CHS of NJ gives parents the knowledge they need to help their children and themselves long after our active services have ended.

There are many ways we help. We provide Adoption options, Birth parent counseling, Child abuse prevention and treatment, Child care services, Community and neighborhood-based services, Foster care, Pre- and post-natal services, School-based youth services, Child welfare services, Early childhood and parenting services.

We offer over 100 years of adoption experience.

Those services include domestic infant adoption, referrals to international placement agencies, home studies for families residing in New Jersey and Eastern Pennsylvania, applying for international and domestic adoption, placement for domestic adoption, and pre- and post-adoption support, including searches and reunions and background reports.

fuzzy said...

I never knew that Kearny used to be once festive! Its just a brief moment when I pass through on the pulaski and I think there is a prison over there right? WoW

Rahway was once like that all festive and sorts... Historic rahway is disappearing little by little and becoming more city every year that passes!

2Pete said...

You're doing something really interesting here. Not just the ideas, but the way they're conveyed - there's a really tangible, likeable flavor here - even in spite of how striking some of the questions you leave are.

Orphanages. Abortion. Yup. We (Evangelical Christians) love to talk about the preciousness of life, but we're not very consistent. Health Care, Welfare, Jobs, support for women, unwed mothers, abuse victims? Affordable housing? Don't mean to get political, but "pro-life" needs to mean more than "pro-fetus." It should mean pro-human. Pro-creation.

Hey, sorry to rant. Thanks for your visit to - stay in touch.

2Pete said...

Oh yeah, and "Garden State" is one of my favorite movies.

And the Fugees were my favorite rappers (pre-split).

"In the Garden State, they grow stink-weeds and criminals, government funds are minimal - precious subliminal..."

I've never been there though, so can't judge.

The Real Pae said...

Interesting Blog Bruh! Im glad "you almost liked" Humble Tip, by the way how did you stumble upon my Blog?

Sola Dei Gloria


Siarlys Jenkins said...

"I wonder if Rowe vs. Wade is overturned, will Christians be prepared rise to their calling to care for the children? Sadly, I’m not so sure."

I am reasonably sure not. If they were, any individual could prevent an abortion by standing in front of a clinic, ready to sign an irrevocable commitment to adopt if a pregnant woman will only carry her pregnancy to term. So, it may be best that The State leave such decisions up to individual conscience and decision. Passing a law often has unintended consequences.

On a related note, when an attempt was made to put together a residence for parentless children in Milwaukee, some busybody advocacy group in Massachusetts filed a formal complaint that it should not be built, because "what children need is families." Too true, but if they have none, and none are willing to adopt, such a residence is far better than bouncing around foster homes on a temporary basis. We need to stop trying to impose one size fits all "politically correct" solutions on complex problems.