Sunday, October 11, 2009

Exit 12 Passaic Jesus

Settled by the Dutch in 1679, Passaic was once known as "The Birthplace of Television" as the first television station X2XCD began transmitting here in 1931.

Some interesting folk are from this city: Mitch Albom (who brought us The Five People You Meet in Heaven); Alan Cohen (co-owner of the Boston Cetics and New Jersey Nets); Millie Perkins (lead in The Diary of Ann Frank); Gerry Polci (of The Four Seasons); Alan Rosenberg (Screen Actors Guild President); The Shirelles (all of them) and Loretta Swit (Hot Lips from M*A*S*H).

A few years back the movie, Be Kind Rewind, was entirely shot here and currently the NBC series Mercy films on location at the old St Mary’s hospital.

There’s also a rather large courier service which had a problem with their employees. Seems as the couriers would either forget or refuse to scan their badges as they began and ended their delivery routes.

Management had a unique solution: a picture of Jesus was placed between the scan points. The result? A cool 85% increase in employee outgoing and incoming scans. As one employee stated, "I felt THE MAN was always watching me."
Psalm 139:2 You know when I sit and when I rise; you perceive my thoughts from afar.

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Wow! How ingenious a solution was that?!

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