Saturday, November 15, 2008

Exit 4B GSP Wildwood Jesus

Wildwood, NJ. This once tacky town of 1950’s style budget hotels is now considered a hot destination and those Hawaiian themed budget rest stops now stand homage to doo-wop retro-chic. The 39 block boardwalk boasts more rides than Disney Land. And of all things, Rock ‘n Roll was birthed right here when Bill Haley and His Comets belted out "Rock Around the Clock" for the very first time in 1954 at he HofBrau Hotel.

Being a shore town, there are lots, and lots of T-shirt shops all promoting the best of all things Jersey:

Undaunted by the new debauchery of Rock music, the local Presbyterians opened The Boardwalk Chapel, known as "Salvation by the Sea." The church's hand-drawn logo depicts the Christian cross rising out of an Atlantic Ocean wave.

Currently wedged between a pizzeria and a tattoo parlor, this place holds worship services 77 consecutive days each summer. I’m not quite sure what kind of impact the place has for Christ in the community but it has made an impact on those T-shirt shops. Just look what you can buy now:

Mark 4 : Jesus began to teach ... while all the people were along the shore at the water's edge.


Gigi said...

HA!! The "Jesus loves guidos" tshirt made me laugh out loud!

Something about churches by the sea...I'm hope many souls are won for Christ in "Salvation by the Sea."

Caleb Henry said...

Haha, this is probably the best post I have read in awhile. I was laughing the whole time! I would love to get my hands on any one of those t-shirts. do you know where to find them?

Caleb Henry said...

haha, are you serious about the shirt size?

Also, I have heard of your church, and if I didn't have to do my internship every weekend I would visit. Maybe during the summer when I am off.