Sunday, October 19, 2008

Exit 5B Rt 280 North Caldwell Jesus

Something is lacking from the Rutgers University Football this year. The NJ Devils are also missing something. I just I just didn’t know it had anything to do with Jesus, but hey, there’s a reason the Weird NJ book is a national bestseller. Here in North Caldwell, the Devon Trading Company has it all figured out for a mere $21.95.

At first glance, these statues appear totally ridiculous. Then while I was looking at the baseball Jesus it hit me, and hit me hard. I could have really used this vision of Jesus as a kid. I couldn’t hit a baseball for squat. I wouldn’t even envision Jesus by my side to help with a hit, or pray tell a homerun. I could have used his comfort while the psuedo-jocks mocked this 4-eyed kid going down swinging with another called strike.

The company’s spokesperson says, "They're a great contemporary gift for kids, and it kind of keeps them in touch with their faith and what they're doing today… This kind of reminds them of what they're doing on a daily basis." She may have a point but as one professor at Stanford University notes, "It raises the whole question about what religion is for in a culture…This, in my view, is something like just the endorsement of our sports life. In one sense, it's harmless. In another sense, you'd think Christianity would raise questions about our daily activities."

Job 33:11"…he keeps close watch on all my paths."

as originally reported by Henry K Lee, SFChronical


Gigi said...

Hunh....have to admit, my first reaction to the statues was, "You've got to be kidding me..." But then I took another look and you know what? I actually kinda like the baseball one! I guess it's because it looks like Jesus has His arms around the child, encouraging him..."C'mon - you and Me! We can do this!!" The football and hockey statues...just looks like Jesus is a participant, but not really engaged. I'm not too fond of those two...but that baseball one - yeah, I'm liking that one!

NewJerseyJesus said...

Gigi, Great observation. You should see the other statues I didn't post: gymnastics, BMX biking & roller blading...oh boy:)

tooshytostop said...

Thanks for the great info! Too Shy to Stop writer Adrian Wirstiuk just wrote a piece about Weird N.J. magazine in celebration of Halloween. You can read the article here.