Saturday, March 14, 2009

Exit 8 NJTP Freehold Jesus

New Jersey may be the only state in the Union without an official State Anthem, but anyone who lives here knows we were all Born to Run (nothing says I love NJ better than a song about fleeing the state). And that brings us to Freehold Borough, home to The Boss: Bruce Springsteen, not to be confused with Freehold Township, home to Kal Penn of Harold and Kumar Go To White Castle fame.

The Boss immortalized this town forever with the song, My Hometown from his Born in the USA album but the hometown fav actually is his rendition of Jersey Girl (big hair and all). But alas, there still room for a bit of Jesus in this Central Jersey town, and this Jesus gets bigger over time with a little H2O.

There’s a company in Freehold, which markets the "Grow Your Own Jesus" with the tag, "because he’s awesome!" We all know Jesus famously walked on water, but this mini-Jesus needs to be put in a glass of water to grow (for 10 days, to be exact). This made-in-China "toy" comes with a choking hazard warning along with a "bonus mini bible". For real.

As Christians stateside smuggle the Holy Scriptures into China, the Chinese seem to have no problem shrinking it down and exporting it back into the global economy. Though this version has a picture of the Garden of Eden smack in between I & II Corinthians, nonetheless, passages from all 66 books of the bible are well represented in the proper order.

The back packaging of this product even comes with this note: If you pray this prayer of salvation with true conviction and heart, you are now a follower of Jesus and have entered the family of God. It is then followed by the "Sinner’s Prayer" – word for word.

Matthew 1:21 from the mini-bible: "Thou shalt call his name JESUS for he shall save his people from their sins."


Samk987 said...

I have a few of the Boss' vinyl records, the newest being "Greetings from.." Still have to listen to Side 2 but I'd guess "Born to Run" is better.
Way to go about the Blog and its 'tell it like it is' contents!

Gigi said...

NJJ...let's hope some workers in China received the gift of salvation and eternal life by praying those prayers as they performed their jobs making the "Grow Jesus!"